Leverage technology for your restaurant and/or catering business:

Explore what’s new in technology and social media; how to leverage the appropriate platforms to expand your community, identify customers and opportunities to grow your business. Many times when you speak about technology, people think about apps.  Technology can involve a website, social media, QR codes, location based applications and the list continues to grow daily.

Social media has grown to be more than an assortment of platforms. It is critical for restaurateurs to leverage these new technologies to engage their customers. Restaurants today need to listen as others leverage these technologies to discuss their views; and monitor what is being said.

Everyone has a voice on social media, whether it’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or some other social platform.  And it’s what they say that matters. They are the social influencers. You can’t control what is said, but you may be able to influence it.

That’s why we wrote this guide about online reputation management to help you stay up to speed with what is being said about you, and how you can manage it.

Online Reputation Management

In this white paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • monitor your online reputation
  • tools that can help you monitor your reputation
  • engage with your community to improve your reputation

You know, keep your friends close, and your “enemies” closer.

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