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Working together, we help you develop ideas for books and a plan of action.

Did you know that only a very small percentage of professional business owners have published a book? Strategic Self-Publishing helps thought leaders and subject matter experts leverage their expertise through self-publishing. New technologies have made it possible to quickly and cost effectively produce professional publications that can be distributed through multiple channels. In the past, self-publishing was considered “vanity” publishing, but that is no longer true. Today self-published books are available in bookstores, libraries and online distribution centers.

We help businesses better understand this process and how to develop strategies that enable them to leverage their books and enhance their businesses. We have developed materials to provide businesses with some hands-on knowledge and industry expertise so that they are better prepared for the journey.  We offer assistance on all of the aspects of self-publishing: graphics/layout, project collaboration, printing, branding, marketing/pr, and social media to help produce a professional looking book that will become one of the best marketing tools a company has to offer.

We help clients develop a strategic plan for their self-publishing projects
and then help them implement it.

After self publishing a book, we realized some of our mistakes and began to navigate the process of self publishing and how it could be done more efficiently. After publishing two more books, we learned how to quickly produce books and make them available online as well as having them available to use as “business cards”.  We began to use our books as business cards.

What We Do

You’ve made the decision to write a book. And as a business professional, you are probably confused as to whether to try to get your book published traditionally by a commercial publisher or to self-publish. Consider your goals and expectations and hopefully that will help you move forward with your project. You have a vision, but have you thought it through?

With self-publishing, you are in control of your manuscript and publishing project. This means you decide on the title and all of the other aspects of your project. But much like any DIY project, you also have the ability to subcontract* to others including ghostwriters, editors, designers and printers. Our program helps you understand the process and guides you through the steps.

How We Do It

We have combined our understanding of technology and business strategy with our knowledge of the publishing process to help thought leaders to leverage their expertise. Our program walks you through the steps of your self publishing project.

  • Identify your audience
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Understand the steps in the process
  • Collaboration
  • Design and layout
  • Legal issues and permissions
  • Editing
  • Marketing and publicity

When faced with the thrilling but daunting task to publish my first book I immediately turned to Marna Friedman for help. Her expertise extends beyond layout and design; she also walked me through the process to secure all necessary information for the copyright, ISBN and distribution channel (Amazon). Several layout suggestions were made and Marna explained the pros and cons of each until a final decision was made. My experience with Marna and her publishing consulting firm has been incredible; she really knows her stuff and provides heartfelt collaboration. It will be a pleasure to recommend her to both my professional and personal networks.

Ella Dyer

Make a book your next business card

We help clients develop a strategic plan for their self-publishing projects and then help them implement it.