An Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties in a certain area.

With the integration of an IDX plugin on your WordPress website, you can quickly offer MLS listings as well as an assortment of search functions.



Search – you can customize the search features so that visitors can only search the areas you specialize in.  You can also create “shortcut” search pages and more to create a more streamlined experience for your visitors including:

  • custom search pages
  • search widgets with custom lists
  • quick searches for condominiums, communities and more.
lead generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation – Through saved search signups, email notifications and other features,  you can capture leads on your website

  • customized forms for lead capture
  • integration with a CRM for lead management
  • email newsletter signup
SEO Optimization


SEO – Combine the features of WordPress with IDX to gain SEO visibility for your website. The updated content and engagement can result in higher rankings. Your real estate website offers the ability to include:

  • custom subdomain and page titles
  • SEO friendly URL’s
  • indexed pages
  • saved searches
  • keyword and meta descriptions


Responsive – All of our IDX Solutions and WordPress websites are responsive; meaning they respond quickly to the platform they are being viewed on including tablets and smartphones making it easier for your visitors to navigate your website.

There are several IDX plugins available, but each of them is only available in specific MLS coverage areas. We currently offer website development utilizing IDX Broker Lite & Platinum, ShowcaseIDX and Spoton Connect.