I am often surprised at business owners that complain about social media. Have you heard this …

Facebook is free, why should I pay them to promote my information?”

What a farce! Now Facebook wants to charge me so my posts show up in the stream.

I don’t need a Facebook Page if I have to pay for it, I’ll just use my regular Facebook.

Let’s look a little closer. Facebook is an open platform that offers you the ability to share information with friends. As a business, you can also have a page that people can “like”. Both are currently available at no charge.

Facebook Personal

Facebook Business Page

Friends following you 5,000 unlimited
Follow people 5,000
Manage and track engagement No Yes
Advertise No Yes
Contests No Yes
SEO No Yes

So now that you understand some basics about why a Facebook page is a better business tool, let’s revisit some of those comments we hear.

Facebook is a business, it’s on the stock market. Do you offer your services for free? All of them? You probably offer some free advise at networking events, and may offer free initial consultations. But when it comes to actually doing business, there is usually a fee. So take a step back and think about it. Facebook offers you exposure to a very large audience, and if you choose to advertise through boosting or promoting a post, you can choose what the budget will be.  Targeted advertising at a fee you select. Does your local paper offer that? How about an industry publication?

Hopefully you are more understanding of this business offering now. So move on to the decision of boosting or promoting a post.

Boosting a Post

You can boost a post on Facebook by selecting the audience. This includes the ability to target location, age, gender and interests. You can also boost only to the people who like your Page and their friends.

Boosting increases the likelihood of your post being seen. Just like sales, it’s a numbers game. If there are several posts, and depending on the time of day, along with other factors can impact the likelihood of your post being seen. Think of boosting like a Disney® FastPass. It doesn’t guarantee that you are the next person into the attraction, but it helps you get their faster than others – and you pay for that!

Facebook boost a post

  1.  Click on Boost Post button
  2. Select the options you want for your post – remember that the budget is for the length of time you have the post boosted, so remember to review ALL of the options to manage your budget. The more options will take you to length of time to boost your ad.Facebook boost options


    Facebook post boost options


    Facebook post boost budget


    Facebook post boost duration

  3. Once you scroll through all of your options, you can select to Boost the post.  That’s it.  Then just wait to see the results. Test different types of posts to learn what your audience likes.

Promote a Post

Promoting a post offers more options than boosting a post from targeting to pricing and bidding. To learn more about promoting a post and to get started, go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/create/.

The first step is to select the type of results you want.

Facebook Ad Results Options


If you have more than one page, all of them will show up, including any you help manage. Be sure to select the correct page.

You should also be sure to select the correct option for your ad. For my example, I have selected Page Likes, as you can see below.

Facebook page likes campaign

Be sure to review each section and what the options are. For example, you can upload 6 different images to create more ads at no extra cost. As you continue to scroll down, you will see other options as well, including the audience options which is where you can target your ad.

Facebook ad targeting

Continue through the options including budget and timing for your promotion, and then analyze the results to determine the ROI and plans for future promotions.


As you can see, a Facebook page is a business investment and one that offers affordable marketing options to help you engage your visitors and grow your community. Through a strategic campaign and use of the tools provided, you can target your messages to ensure you reach the audience you select. Analytics help you understand what is working, and learn what where opportunities might exist.

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