Over the past few weeks I have had several conversations about websites and mobile technology. Just this morning I received a phone call from a business owner that was offered a mobile site for $500.  They wanted to know whether to go ahead with it or not. They have an older website that desperately needs updating. My advice was to update their current website to a responsive framework.  This would result in a website that offers them the functionality they need and only one site to maintain. And that resolved the problem.

So here are the things to consider when thinking about your website:

  1. Do you have a current website?
    If you don’t have a website, how can people find you.  And just in case you were wondering, in my opinion, a Facebook page is not a web presence. It’s a Facebook page – a page that offers interaction on Facebook.  It’s not a website – and the SEO is to a Facebook page, not your business URL.  But that’s another blog post.
  2. Is your website current/responsive?
    If your current website is not responsive, and it’s built on the WordPress platform, you can add a WordPress plugin, but again, that’s a plugin.  The problem is that it may or may not make all of your functionality responsive, and if the plugin developer does not update the plugin as WordPress is updated, then you could end up with a problem – although this could happen with a theme also.  But the other problem is that plugins don’t always play nicely together, and you could end up with a whole different problem.
  3. Research shows that in 2014 more websites will be viewed on smartphones and tablets than desktops/laptops.

You need to be prepared for the future. Consider your options and what is needed for your business/website to move forward.  We have been working with several clients to help them identify their current needs and “wants” for the future as we develop new websites for them.

When are you going to embrace this new technology and accept the future?




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